Why Should You Hire A Professional Driving School For Your Teen?

get a good driving instructorThe number of road accidents is increasing. It has become necessary to learn driving the right way to be safe on the road and also to pass the ICBC road test examination – ideally on the first attempt. Teens tend to be restless and aggressive. If you want your teenage kid to drive, then you must get him or her into a professional driving school. These are some reasons why you should do so.

Safety of your car

The cars in driving schools have an extra braking mechanism. It helps to save a student driver if he or she makes any fatal mistake. It is hard for first time young learners to follow instructions correctly. The cars used by the driving schools are safer than your car. It will also prevent your car from getting damaged. Some driving school cars also have an extra steering wheel on the side of the passenger. So, in case the student driver makes a mistake, the instructor can take charge of the car. It is not wise to learn driving with the parent’s car or friend’s car even if they have car insurance policies. Learning driving using the driving school’s car will save you from many fatal instances.  You’ll also be assured of your child being better prepared for the ICBC road test because the instructors will be familiar with the test and what is examined during the session.  They’ll also be able to instruct the student correctly to navigate these areas of evaluation so it will not be their first time experiencing the testing criteria when they go for the actual in-person exam.

No insurance needed

An insurance policy may not cover teaching someone else how to drive in highway or local streets. The risk of driving increases with every new lesson your teen learns. When you admit your teen to a driving school, the schools is licensed, bonded or insured to give instructions for the student. Some parents hope and pray that no accidents would happen while they teach their teens how to drive. But you cannot take your chance. So, it is better to take your teen to a professional driving school so that they can pass the road test and be a better driver afterwards for their lifetime.

Saves money on buying gas

In a driving school, you don’t need to pay for the gasoline used. There is no limitation to the usage of gasoline when you learn driving.

You should seek out a driving school that earns reviews like this one:

Driving schools have well-maintained cars

The cars at a driving school are well maintained. These cars won’t break down suddenly in the middle of the road while you take your lesson. These cars are serviced on a regular basis. If your teen uses his or her friend’s car, then you cannot say whether the car is in a good condition or not. With a professional driving school, you know that you are driving a good car, and so you can concentrate more on your driving instructions rather than worrying about your car.

Convenient hours to learn driving

Most driving schools offer flexible hours. So, you can book your lessons at a time suitable for you. Your teen won’t need to chase his or her friend to find time for the driving lessons.

Learn all the laws and get the right instructions

A friend or a parent may not know all the rules of driving. With a driving school, your teen will learn everything and learn it the proper way.  You should hire a professional driving school for your teen such as Learn and Drive Academy in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. This will avoid any risk of an accident and your teen will also learn driving the correct way.  To learn more about Learn and Drive Academy, please visit them at http://www.learnanddriveacademy.com – they are located in Port Coquitlam but serve the entire region.

Why RollRazor is the best alternative to a traditional slitter rewinder machine

RollRazor MachineOver the years, the paper converting machines have improved. The RollRazor has become the fastest paper converting machines now available in the market today. It can cut various types of materials which were not possible with the old machines. It is now an industry leader in towel roll and tissue paper converting. Like the previous years, this year also, it has continued to increase its market share. RollRazor is a strong alternative to the traditional slitter rewinder machine.

Problem with slitter rewinder machines

The slitter machines had been used for many years for cutting rolls. But they have their limitations. They are very slow in operation. The fact that it is required to unwind the roll and then rewind it for completing the job makes the operation slow even with the most modern slitter rewinder machine. They are also very big in size so takes up a lot of floor space. The operation costs of these machines are also high. Many operators need to look after the slitter machine when it is in operation, to make sure that it is operating productively. There are tension inconsistencies in paper rolls as well due to the slitter rewinder machines. These inconsistencies may lead to web breaks.

Advantages of RollRazor

RollRazor that is manufactured by The Entwistle Company is very fast and can cut paper rolls with high precision. It is very efficient in converting large rolls of paper, foil, film and plastics. It uses a large blade to cut from the exterior diameter to the core in a single pass. This cuts down the cost to 1/10th of the traditional slitter rewinder machine. It is also faster than the traditional machines. With RollRazor, you can cut 300% more paper in every operating hour compared to the traditional slitter rewinder machine. Unlike the old machine, RollRazor needs only one operator to supervise its operation. It also delivers a high-quality product. It has fewer web breaks, unlike the slitter rewinder machines. It keeps the plant clean as less dust is produced.

Many businesses rely on accurate paper cutting. RollRazor helps companies that need to trim down papers, plastics, foil and other materials to new sizes. This new machine has overall efficiency. It is appropriate to be used in both bulk projects and industrial paper cutting jobs. This machine is designed for high production environments. Only certified professionals are allowed to supervise the operations of these machines. RollRazor is a breakthrough technology that has simplified the paper converting, cutting and recycling process. So, don’t depend on the old slitter rewinder machine anymore for your paper converting jobs. Buy a RollRazor and enjoy efficient production and huge cost cut in operations.

For more information please visit RollRazor at http://rollrazor.com

Are You Tired Of Paying High Dealership Prices for Repairs? Seek Out a Smaller Local Shop

warranty_clear-300x300Do you live in the Fraser Valley area of BC?  Driving a luxury vehicle?  How much money have you wasted paying high prices to dealers in your car repairs? Probably it’s worth thousands of dollars. Well, if you could have saved that, you may have another vehicle right now. It’s not too late, though.  I can give you a few reasons why you should go for dealers, but I can provide you a lot of reasons why you should go to a local shop. Do not be blinded by the big names. That does not always guarantee a good job but it can surely guarantee the high price.

I like the etiquette displayed when you go to an independent Chilliwack auto repair shop. They are very courteous, and you can feel that you are an important customer for them. They tend to work things out for you. Unlike those big dealership names that just stick with that they have in their policy. Well, it’s not bad to have all those policies, but sometimes it pays to show clients or customers that you care. Independent shops have low prices when it comes to their services than the big names. It’s not because they are using cheap quality materials. They can just afford to do that because they don’t have to pay the extra amount for the name of the company or a gigantic amount of rent for a huge building space as well as all of the vehicle inventory on the lot and staffing. It’s like the Salisbury steak we love.  Get one person to cook 2 Salisbury steaks. Have the other one sold in a fancy 5-star hotel the other one on a local diner. I bet you anything there will be a hundred dollar difference. And, what I like the most with the local shops is the haggling part. Alright, it is not always the case, but you can always try your luck. There is like a more than 60 % chance that you can get it.

On the other hand, you cannot try that stunt from the big dealerships. Try it and you will see all sorts of expression on their faces as if you have said something taboo. You are lucky if you are somehow friends with the local shop owner. You can have your car fixed even in the middle of the night without paying too much. Another thing I like with the independent shops, feel free to chit chat with them while waiting. If you are lucky, there can be a free coffee or juice. There is no question that independent shops are way more accommodating than the big dealers who are always waiting to give you more opportunities to spend some more and their repair advice is rarely free.

Don’t get ripped off when seeking out a repair shop for your car – here are some additional tips:

Going to a large dealership is not always the best all the time. Other people cannot afford the high prices, but they still deserve good service – for all makes and models but especially for the more expensive luxury brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes where you can pay a fortune just for simple repair services that normally cost 1/3 of that at a local independent shop. If you do not have enough, what are you supposed to do? Let your car rot in your garage? No, it’s not an option. What are you waiting for? Get your vehicle to the nearest local shop and let them do the job. Hang on a little then leave with your car, fixed and fab.

For the leading private automotive repair shop in the Fraser Valley (Chilliwack) area that specializes in all types of makes and models of vehicles, and even inboard boat engines, contact Ralph Van Woerden Automotive Repair at http://www.ralphsautomotive.ca

4 unknown facts about the car transportation industry


The car transportation industry is a big business. There are lots of competitions in this field. Besides some good car transportation companies, some very low quality companies have appeared in the market who are mainly here for the money. Providing good service to the customers is their least priority. Here are some of the unknown facts about the car transportation industry that most

Indirect carrier

People usually look for car transportation companies that have their own carriers to transport the car to the destination. But this isn’t true always. Even though many companies advertise themselves to be the direct carriers, they are actually not. Some companies don’t have their own carrier and instead hires from outside. Involvement of third parties like this lowers the quality of service.

Outside drivers

Some companies hire drivers from third parties without checking their backgrounds properly. This increases the chance of accidents. They won’t disclose this to the customers, who understand that the company has their own expert drivers who are specialized in transporting cars.



These companies usually have be make their rates competitive in order to stay in the business. But they think ofother ways of making profit. Charging standard car transport rates like the other companies is a good way to attract customers. But they make profit by selling them upgrades. For example, you may need to pay extra for covered car transportation or for the top load placement in case of multi-car carriers. However, these upgrades don’t guarantee that you will get these extra facilities.


If your car gets damaged, then some companies won’t take the blame of it and make the process of making compensation lengthy. Some car transporters trick the customers by transporting in the dark so that you don’t recognize the damage in your car. Afterwards when you find, out the car transportation company is no longer responsible for this damage because you have to claim at the time when you receive the car.

Like in any other industry, there will be companies who will provide low quality service and focus on just making money. You should be careful from these companies. Take recommendations and read reviews before hiring a car transportation company.

Should you buy insurance when transporting your sports car?


Sports cars are expensive. You should definitely buy insurance when transporting sports car. The premium for sports car insurance is usually higher than the normal vehicles as these cars are expensive. One of the main reasons for the insurance premium to be expensive is that the sports car replacement parts are very expensive. So, if in any case the sports car get damaged while being transported, it will cost a lot to replace the parts. Insurance coverage can be grouped into many divisions depending on the engine size and cost of repairs. Cars with small engine are less powerful and are maintenance efficient. As a result, the cost of the car will be less and so will be the insurance premium.

If you need a sports car insurance, you should talk to specialists who can suggest you what kind of insurance you need to transport your sports car. There are many insurance companies who provide policies tailored to your need. Sports car insurance is necessary as it covers your expenses in case of an accident or theft. Insurance can provide the financial support needed to recover from the loss.

In many parts of the world, not having an insurance while transporting your sports car is illegal. The fine can be quite high and it might even put the car transporter’s business at risk if they don’t provide insurance for carrying your sports car.

Sports cars are transported in specialized vehicles which are fully covered and transports the cars in a very safe manner. The equipment they use to load or unload the car in the carrier is very sophisticated. Even with all these precautions, accident may take place. So it is highly recommended that you buy insurance while transporting your sports car.

3 reasons why you need a transportation service for your car


There are many advantages of car transportation service. It makes your life much easier. Here are some of the benefits of these transportation services.

1. Safety


Cars are expensive. Whenever you need to move your car from one place to another, you need a professional hand so that your car remains in good condition after it has been transferred. These companies take the necessary precautions and use the necessary equipment to ship your car. They know what kind of car needs what kind of protection. For example, race cars need to be transported in covered transports so that they are not affected by dust or any other external attacks.

2. Fully insured


The professional car transportation providers are fully insured. So, you don’t need to worry about any damage that can be caused to your car while transporting.

3. Door to door service


Most of these service providers offer door to door services. These companies will pick your car from the place you want and then deliver it to the destination of your choice.

Out of these three reasons, safety and security are the most important reasons for transporting cars. Whether you have bought a car online or taking your racing car to a venue, these car transportation providers will safely transport your cars from one place to another without causing any problems. These professional transportation service providers know the direction well. Using their GPS system, they can easily find the destination address of the vehicle. They will find out a short cut or a better road to get to the destination. For car transportation services, you can completely rely on these companies.