4 unknown facts about the car transportation industry


The car transportation industry is a big business. There are lots of competitions in this field. Besides some good car transportation companies, some very low quality companies have appeared in the market who are mainly here for the money. Providing good service to the customers is their least priority. Here are some of the unknown facts about the car transportation industry that most

Indirect carrier

People usually look for car transportation companies that have their own carriers to transport the car to the destination. But this isn’t true always. Even though many companies advertise themselves to be the direct carriers, they are actually not. Some companies don’t have their own carrier and instead hires from outside. Involvement of third parties like this lowers the quality of service.

Outside drivers

Some companies hire drivers from third parties without checking their backgrounds properly. This increases the chance of accidents. They won’t disclose this to the customers, who understand that the company has their own expert drivers who are specialized in transporting cars.



These companies usually have be make their rates competitive in order to stay in the business. But they think ofother ways of making profit. Charging standard car transport rates like the other companies is a good way to attract customers. But they make profit by selling them upgrades. For example, you may need to pay extra for covered car transportation or for the top load placement in case of multi-car carriers. However, these upgrades don’t guarantee that you will get these extra facilities.


If your car gets damaged, then some companies won’t take the blame of it and make the process of making compensation lengthy. Some car transporters trick the customers by transporting in the dark so that you don’t recognize the damage in your car. Afterwards when you find, out the car transportation company is no longer responsible for this damage because you have to claim at the time when you receive the car.

Like in any other industry, there will be companies who will provide low quality service and focus on just making money. You should be careful from these companies. Take recommendations and read reviews before hiring a car transportation company.

Should you buy insurance when transporting your sports car?


Sports cars are expensive. You should definitely buy insurance when transporting sports car. The premium for sports car insurance is usually higher than the normal vehicles as these cars are expensive. One of the main reasons for the insurance premium to be expensive is that the sports car replacement parts are very expensive. So, if in any case the sports car get damaged while being transported, it will cost a lot to replace the parts. Insurance coverage can be grouped into many divisions depending on the engine size and cost of repairs. Cars with small engine are less powerful and are maintenance efficient. As a result, the cost of the car will be less and so will be the insurance premium.

If you need a sports car insurance, you should talk to specialists who can suggest you what kind of insurance you need to transport your sports car. There are many insurance companies who provide policies tailored to your need. Sports car insurance is necessary as it covers your expenses in case of an accident or theft. Insurance can provide the financial support needed to recover from the loss.

In many parts of the world, not having an insurance while transporting your sports car is illegal. The fine can be quite high and it might even put the car transporter’s business at risk if they don’t provide insurance for carrying your sports car.

Sports cars are transported in specialized vehicles which are fully covered and transports the cars in a very safe manner. The equipment they use to load or unload the car in the carrier is very sophisticated. Even with all these precautions, accident may take place. So it is highly recommended that you buy insurance while transporting your sports car.

3 reasons why you need a transportation service for your car


There are many advantages of car transportation service. It makes your life much easier. Here are some of the benefits of these transportation services.

1. Safety


Cars are expensive. Whenever you need to move your car from one place to another, you need a professional hand so that your car remains in good condition after it has been transferred. These companies take the necessary precautions and use the necessary equipment to ship your car. They know what kind of car needs what kind of protection. For example, race cars need to be transported in covered transports so that they are not affected by dust or any other external attacks.

2. Fully insured


The professional car transportation providers are fully insured. So, you don’t need to worry about any damage that can be caused to your car while transporting.

3. Door to door service


Most of these service providers offer door to door services. These companies will pick your car from the place you want and then deliver it to the destination of your choice.

Out of these three reasons, safety and security are the most important reasons for transporting cars. Whether you have bought a car online or taking your racing car to a venue, these car transportation providers will safely transport your cars from one place to another without causing any problems. These professional transportation service providers know the direction well. Using their GPS system, they can easily find the destination address of the vehicle. They will find out a short cut or a better road to get to the destination. For car transportation services, you can completely rely on these companies.